Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa Founder of Maha Siddha Yoga Ashram


Maha Siddha Yoga Ashram is dedicated to teaching the great practice of meditation and helping others who are hungry and need shelter.

Maha Siddha Yoga Foundation is a nonprofit religious organization dedicated to propagating spiritual knowledge to society at large and to educate all people in the techniques of spiritual life and through this achieve Universal Peace, Universal Happiness and Universal Brotherhood. 

We teach Vedic Culture and the Great Practice of Meditation, Maha Siddha Yoga as revealed by his Holiness Swami Sivanada Paramahamsa and his spiritual son His Holiness Brahma Sri A.K Rangaswamy Paramahamsa. 

Vedic knowledge and Self Realization are the prime goals of life and are revealed in the techniques of Maha Siddha Yoga which we teach in person or online virtual classes.  We serve free vegetarian food during our classes and then afterwards distribute the free food to the homeless. 

We are seeking additional funds to build Ashrams here in Los Angeles and Kona, Hawaii. 

We currently have two Ashrams in Tamil Nadu, India.

Donate if you can! Little for you, A Lot for us!